We have our own state of the art manufacturing unit having green sand, no bake, shell moulding & also Co2 casting. The production unit is equipped with the latest manufacturing facilities and testing equipment for highest quality component and casting. Our moulding machines are capable of giving an excellent service manufacturing single piece castings ranging from a minimum of 60 gms to the maximum of 300 Kg.

We have the following machineries in our manufacturing unit

  • CNC turning unit
  • CNC vertical machine centers
  • Broaching machine
  • Shot blasting machine
  • Drilling machines
  • Jigs
  • Fixtures
  • Precision measuring equipment

Fettling Shop

  • Pedestal Grinders
  • Various Types of Single Phase grinders

Being familiar with production process we have right understanding of minimum rejection approaching towards maximum quality achievements.


  • We stand with our infrastructure as
  • Machinery & Important Instruments

Manufacturing Facilities

  • Testing Facilities
  • In-house Testing Facilities

Pattern & Die Shop: Well equipped pattern shop for wooden/metallic patterns and aluminum dies.

Moulding Shop: Equipped with Pneumatic rammers & Sand compactors for hand moulding, employing Sodium-Silicate, No-Bake Oil Systems. stems.

Melting Shop:Equipped with two “Inductotherm” Make 350 KW & 175 KW Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnaces, having Four Crucibles each of 650 KGS, 400 KGS, 200 KGS & 50 KGS of nominal capacity.

Spectrometer: Equipped with Two multi CCD dual optics spectrometers; Bruker Q4 Tasman (Germany) & SPECTRA plus-2110.

Fettling Shop:Well equipped fettling shop with heavy-duty swing frame grinders (6 nos.), flexible shaft grinder (11 nos.), sanders (02 nos.) pneumatic chippers & steel blasting machine (48” table size), shot blasting machine.

Lost Wax Casting Equipments: Wax Injection Press , Wax Melting Machine, De-Waxing Tank, Knock Out Machine, Shell Baking Furnace, Slurry Stirrer & Rainfall Sender.

Job Capacity : Weight Range : 0.060 Kgs – 600 Kgs Single Piece (Approx.)

Stand By Power Source : 250 Kva Greaves Dg Set

Cranes Cranes :5 Mt - 1 No., 1 Mt - 1 No.

Heat Treatment Shop: Equipped with 8’ x 5’ x 5’, 6’ x 5’ x 4’ electrical & 10’ x 8’ x 6’ oil fired Heat Treatment Furnace with Air, Water & Oil Quenching Facility. Equipped with “ATHENA”. Make microprocessor based Digital Temperature indicator & recorder & controller.

Temperature Control: Pyrometer- LED displayed indicator along with sound buzz and data logger and Infrared temperature gun 0 to 1800* temperature measuring cap.

Machine Shop: Can be arranged for Proof/Final Machining with arrangement for various machine tools like horizontal boring, Vertical lathe, conventional lathes, radial drill, gear hobbing, milling, shaping, grinding, planning & various other machines.

Medium Freq. Induction Furnace 250 Kg/500kg pots 4.Nos
Cupola Blowerss
Sand Mullers 250 kg For green Sand
50 kg - Nobake & Co2
Moulding M/cs 4Nos.
Pattern Shop
HMT Milling machine M/c 4.Nos
Shimoga Lathe
Anil type Saber Lathe 1.No.
Ram milling machine M/c 1.No.
Core Shop
Shell moulding M/cs 3.Nos.
Vertical Core shooter 1.No.
Horizontal Core shooter 1.No.
plate size 16

Testing Facilities

  • Well equipped lab for Chemical analysis 'C' & 'S' analyzer & other equipments.
  • Carbon eqvivalent, Carbon & Silicon analyzer Suyash make.
  • Software to get nodularity & nodule count. Magnesium content from liquid metal of S.G. Iron. also Hardness, tensile for grey iron.
  • Microscope.
  • Hardness testing M/c'Krystal Make' for brinell Hardness.
  • Sand testing equipments.